December 6, 2016 Better Earth

Faithful to Nature

Q&A with Faithful to Nature

Faithful to Nature was one of our first stockists and has been a loyal partner for as long as we can remember.

We caught up with Faithful to Nature’s Robyn Smith  for a casual chit chat.


Tell us about your business and how you got into the ‘green’ industry?

Faithful to Nature is an online organic and natural shop that aims to provide an ethical shopping platform for discerning consumers. We have about 12 000 eco-choices now listed on our site, and each and every single product has been scrutinised for safety. In fact it is our very strict ingredient policy that makes us truly unique. We were and still are one for the first retailers in the world that has committed to procure products against such a strict protocol. We deliver the products to our customers doorsteps nation-wide (for free actually if ones’ order is over R350.)

I started the business 10 years ago after having recently returned from working for a years in Europe. I was an avid consumer of natural and organic goods by then myself and when I struggled to find any clearly labelled or distributed products of this nature back home, I saw the opportunity to provide a much-needed service.

What goals do you have for your business?

It is our vision to become the “Green Amazon” of Africa. We dream of the day that everyone has the choice to buy only products that are kinder to themselves and the planet. We feel that one of the greatest areas of negativity on our planet is to do with the way we consume, and so feel that there is scope for amazing work to be done in the retail space.

What methods do you use to save water?

Obviously our house is a toxic-free zone, which means that all of our cleaning and cosmetic products are rapidly biodegradable and non-toxic to our precious waterways. As a result fitting in a grey water system has been very easy. We are also busy establishing an indigenous garden after moving into our home a year ago.

What is your favourite Better Earth product and why?

Tough choice but I have to go with the dishwashing liquid. I have been using this since it first came onto the market about 7/8 years ago and it has become and absolute staple in our home. It is amazing on grease and just smells heavenly. In my opinion it is the most effective dishwashing liquids on the market. I also love that I can buy it in bulk.

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