November 18, 2016 Better Earth

Grey Water Bath Systems

Drought followed by flooding; one of the hottest years on record; Springboks with a 40% win ratio for the year; State capture in SA; and now Donald Trump is the USA president elect.

End of days? Not quite but scary times never the less. My advice is “control the controllables”. Let’s not waste time worrying about politics and instead focus on making a difference in our daily lives. There are many ways we can all save water and use water more efficiently. One of the best ways is the use of grey water, not just from your washing machines but even from our own baths.

Bathing is now not a good idea unless you can re-use that water.
My wife and I use the bath water from bathing our toddler to fill the toilet over the course of the day and Kerry is fortunate enough to have a bath upstairs and uses it to water her garden below.

It is easier than you think. Have a look below for a step by step guide.


Step 1) Have a bath or bath your kids, we actually share bath water so bath after our kids (or maybe before depending on what they have been doing…)

Step 2) Place hosepipe in the bath and lead other end out of window and onto lawn below


Step 3) Suck on the water until it starts coming out other end

Step 4) Spit out bath water that goes into your mouth


Step 5) Water the garden


Step 6) Involve your puppy, Chewy by spraying him with water. Dogs love getting involved in conservation.

There you have it, a six step guide to using your bath water to water your garden. The best time for this is very early in the morning, late afternoon or in the evening.

For other recycling tips and hints, please be sure to check our other blog posts.

Until next time, be water wise, we owe it to our children.

By Craig Lees

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