November 6, 2017 Craig Lees

Natural Cleaning Products From Going Natural

Q&A with Karen from Going Natural

We recently caught up with the lovely Karen from Going Natural. Going Natural has been stocking Better Earth natural cleaning products for some time now and they are this month’s feature in our stockist profile blog category.

This is what she had to say:

How long has Going Natural been around and why did you start the company?

Funny you should ask that Kerry. Going Natural has been going natural for 10 years this month. What a journey it has been, and still is ….

A few years before that I was awakened to all the bad stuff in our products and the impact they have on our health. Things like fluoride and MSG were the first ones to get my attention. And so the journey began. The toothpaste was the first to go…..

Then I decided to make my own skin care.

On surfing through the web back then I found The Victorian Garden skincare company and decided to become an agent for them instead of reinventing the proverbial skincare wheel.

My calling in life is to be a conduit – it is all about connecting. So here I am today – connecting people with products. My slogan is good products 4 good people @ good prices.

What are your goals for Going Natural?

It would be to create an awareness in people as to the many unhealthy influences in our lives, and to offer an alternative.

I don’t aim to conquer the world, but want to serve the people in my area. Going Natural is pretty much an email order business, and has grown purely by word-of-mouth and God’s Grace.

I do have a spot on a farm at the edge of Durbanville where people can pop down and shop should the order thing not appeal to them.

The place is called the pod, and is only open on select days a week.

Have you noticed a growing trend in the public to move towards living sustain-ably?

Indeed I have. Especially now with our water crisis and the whole grey water thing. But it affects so many more areas in life besides the washing machine and dishwasher.

If you don’t make time to look after your health, you are going to have to make time to look after your illness.

I heard this saying a while ago and it struck a chord in me. We have choices today – and these choices will affect our lives, our family’s lives, our environment, our future wellbeing. These choices need to be wise, educated ones.

How many people do you employ?

My whole family – from courier, to admin to packer and supporter, they are all involved. But no, strictly speaking I don’t have any staff.

What is your favourite Better Earth Product?

If I was a futurist I would say it is the Toilet Tamer. I can’t wait for that item to hit my shelves and toilet. 😉

But looking at the current spread – my loyalties are divided. I can’t decide between the Dishwasher Machine gel, or the dish washing liquid. They are both a must in my kitchen.

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