April 25, 2016 Better Earth

Why Choose Better Earth

Ever wondered, why choose Better Earth cleaning products?

The other day I was chatting to someone who was asking whether our products really work as well as known brand products like “Handy Andy” and Sunlight” and I said to them that I believe they do but the best way forward is just to try our products for themselves. I wanted to say “Of course they do! Come on! Plus there are additional benefits, like not using harmful chemicals on your home and being able to water the garden with the used dishwashing water” but sometimes you need to give something a try before you are convinced.

One of the real perks of using all natural products is the knowledge that you can use them for almost anything and on any surface. We wash our cars with the dishwashing liquid and I have to say it shines like the sun… so to speak.

When our first child was born, we were warned that the chemicals in the washing powders were not good for new-born babies, so we were so grateful for the Better Earth Laundy Gel, no chemicals, no problems. That’s my motto! – “Craig Lees”

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