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Congratulations, by opening this website you have already made the earth a better place. Why? You ask. Well, by showing an interest in products that are better for the earth, you have shown that you care and probably already live a sustainable lifestyle! We would like to provide you with a way to do even more.

The main aim of better earth is to get as many people as possible to use house-hold products that have little or no knock effects to the broader environment. Our products are bio-degradable, do not contain harmful chemicals and are certainly better for the earth than some of your more conventional cleaners.

At the moment, our product range consists of a cleaning spray, floor cleaners, air fresheners, dishwashing liquid and dish washing gel for automatic machines. We are always thinking of new ways to reduce our environmental footprint and encourage you to have a look at our F.A.Q. page for ways that you can change your lifestyle without spending much money or being inconvenienced.

Thanks for caring, because of people like you our children will have a better earth.

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